An Update July 7, 2019

An Update July 7, 2019

I haven’t updated in over year as I’ve been so busy; however, two publications, two major projects and one successful grant application later, it’s time to update. That begins with an announcement that I’ve uploaded the first publication to this website—(it can be found under publications). The second publication is due to be printed in November, and I will upload a preproof at that time. I will be exploring both of these publications in “layman’s terms” here on the blog so that the ideas can be accessible outside of academia.

I’m also announcing that I am now available to consult on language and landscape matters, including place naming; please feel free to contact me using the Contact Me form available from the main navigation bar, above.

Finally, I will be offering a course at Carleton in the fall on the connections between language and landscape, so I am also busily preparing for that.

I hope to keep up with this blog on a more regular basis in order to provide more information on language, landscape, revitalization and the tools that we use to connect all three. I thank you for your continued support!

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